Hello, Riley heat and air, Your technicians were so courteous and kind. We were having issues with our air condition. The technicians done their job so well. We will definetely approch Riley heat and air for any air conditioning service.

"Many thanks to Riley Heat and Air for their prompt services. The guys who did our air conditioning installation were very neat and perfect at work.”

Had our air condition repair from Riley heat and air last year. The air condition is in good condition because we regularly had air conditioning maintenance from them. Very satisfied with the service. I would surely recommend you people for any HVAC issues

Technicians were involved with this HVAC problem and subsequent installation of new heat pump system. All were very knowledgeable and professional in their particular skill areas."

"The service man that came to our house and gave us an estimate was really answerable to all of our questions. Our heat furnace were having some severe problem. The two technicians that did our heating furnace repair were very knowledgeable responsive to any concerns. Thank you for everything and a great job done by all.

Very good job done by Riley heat and air. Our air conditioning is now working fine and the utility bill was 15% less than the previous one. We have now deccided to register for you maintenance agreement plan"

"Excellent! Such customer service is difficult to find now-a-days. Right from the air conditioning installation to air conditioning maintenance service we had before few weeks ago, Our experience has been very impressive”

"Riley heat and air technicians have been fantastic, and extremely responsive while I was dealing with recent air conditioning installation problems. The technicians were effecient and intelligent enough to quickly solve the installation problem. Thank you so much.

fag"I was unaware of Riley Heat and Air prior to calling for air condition repair help. It wa suggested by one of my friend. My air condition was not working well and so i was very frustated that i failed to find out HVAC contractors that day. Emma, my friend give me riley’s number and they scheduled an air condition repair for the next day and the technician was on time, courteous and seemed knowledgeable. They told that our 10 years old air condition should be replaced as the air condition was too old to repair. It will be wastage of time ans money to get air condition repair for that a/c. I was not prepared for spending amount in new purchase but it was heating too much and there was no option wxcept to replace the old air condition. Riley heat and air made my new air condition purchase so hassle free. Also the air condition installation done in short time

I hired Riley heat and air for our furnace services and know what we recieved free duct cleaning coupons. I dealt with many HVAC contractors in our area of Maryland & Washington DC. Riley did a great job on our furnace.

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