7 ways to get the best out of your Air conditioner

7 ways to get the best out of your Air conditioner
If you want to get the best out of your air conditioning unit then you need to follow the 7 below mentioned points.

Wash your windows before installing it:
Before installing the air conditioner, ensure that you clean your windows because once the unit is in, there’s no real way to clean the two sides of the glass (unless you live on the ground floor and can access the windows from outside, and still, at the end of the day you wouldn’t have the capacity to clean the area where the double-hung windows overlap

Filling the holes:
Regardless of how effective your cooling system is, the cool air will spill out of your home in the event that you don’t have it legitimately fixed, and you will wind up with increased power bills. Ensure you fill the holes between the edge of the lower band and the window and the upper sash and in addition every one of the cracks around the side boards. In case you are not able to do it yourself, you can hire someone from a reputable air conditioning service provider.

Go clear:
You can go all clear by purchase plexiglass sheets available at most tool shops instead of using air conditioning panels. To install it, simply measure the open holes, score the measurements on the two sides of the plexiglass (Don’t the protective cover while you do this) with a glass shaper or the dull side of a container shaper and afterward simply snap the pieces off. Evacuate the defensive cover and secure the plexiglass pieces with screws to the window sash and base rail. A good air condition repair service can also help you with this.

Help keep it cool:
It might appear obvious, but still, keep your curtains down, your shades down and your windows shut amid the hot summer days with the goal that the cool air remains in and the sweltering air remains out. This will give you the best out of your air conditioner.

Close the windows:
In the morning, when the weather starts to warm up, close the windows and close the shades on the south side of your home if you want to take the best out of your air conditioner. However, make sure to not let them close throughout the day.

Clean the filters:
Cleaning your cooling unit’s filters is not difficult to do however if you still find it difficult then just hire a person from a good air conditioning service providing company such as rileyheatandair

Clean the coils:
The coil of your air conditioning unit is what move the hot air as well as the cool air in, and they also attract the dust and dirt. So it is important to clean them perfectly. They are very easy to clean and the simple cleaning can give you the best out of your air conditioner.

6 useful tips while purchasing an air conditioner

Useful tips while purchasing an air conditioner

Purchasing an air conditioner can be difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time. But, don’t worry. Scroll down and check out 6 useful tips that can help you in buying the perfect air conditioner.

It must be affordable:
Little models of the air conditioners cost about $100. Some large ones, with more prominent cooling capacities, can cost up to $700. They are the most sensible choice in the event that you don’t have your own property. They additionally bode well on the off chance that you would prefer not to spend a large amount of cash for an entire house cooling system.

Choose the right size:
Your home’s cooling load is the measure of cooling that your air conditioner must give to offer adequate comfort. This shift according to your home’s size, insulation levels of walls, size of windows and entryways and a few more things. You can contact any expert air conditioning service in your area to check all the fundamental factors before purchasing. If you live somewhere in Washington DC or Maryland then Riley Heat Air can turn out to be the best contractors for you.

Must be Proficient:
Numerous units have variable computerized controls rather than the basic HIGH and LOW settings of old models. Units with the switches of “Energy Saving” give additionally help in eliminating utility expenses. Contrasted with an entire house cooling system, room air conditioners are more moderate to work in the event that you simply need to cool maybe a couple rooms.

Must be easy to purchase:
Window and room air cooling systems are sold at most enormous box home improvement stores, and also at the large supermarkets, retail stores, and even pharmacies. Frigidaire, Kenmore, GE and LG are among the best offering brands. So, choose the kind of air conditioner that is easy for you to purchase. You can contact any good air condition repair service in order to get advice on the best suited system for your home.

Must be energy efficient:
Warming and cooling can increase roughly up to 40 – 60% of vitality costs. Pick the most vitality proficient air conditioner that you can in order to keep your vitality bills and your ecological impact low.

The last thing that is important is the installation because if the AC is perfect but the installation is not really good then your money can turn out to be a complete waste. A respectable contractor is a vital thing for this. You can contact Riley Heat and Air for all the installation if you live somewhere in Washington DC or Maryland.

5 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Snowstorm!

5 ways to prepare your HVAC system for Snowstorm!

Preparing your HVAC system for snowstorm should be at the top of your checklist before the winter season. You may be wondering that, Why would I even need to mess up with my home’s HVAC system? But setting up your HVAC for winter can cut your power use, bring down your bill, and broaden the life span of your HVAC framework. Below are 5 ways you can prepare the HVAC system easily for the snowstorm.

  • Air Filters:
    The HVAC air filters that are dirty will require more power to get the heat over your home. These ought to be supplanted once at least every three months as they do get messy rapidly. This must be expanded to a month to month in the event that you smoke, have pets, live in a dusty region, or different circumstances that may build the workload. Supplanting these filters can increment air flow and it will also prevent debris caught in dirty filter from being re-circulated through your whole house. You can also take help of any good air condition repair service or heating repair Washington DC service for this task.
  • Heat pumps:
    Heat pumps are not very difficult to maintain. A large portion of them are intended to keep snow from gathering over the unit. But, during intense snow or ice, you might need to check to ensure whether it’s still clear. Try not to build something over it as that can cause issues with wind stream.
  • Tuning up the Furnaces:
    Furnaces can get exhausted and require some TLC just like everything else that is mechanical. If you think that you can risk damaging your system then you can call www.rileyheatandair.com, which is an expert air conditioning & heating service in Washington DC, to plan a tune-up and check the belts, engines, electrical switches, indoor regulators, and pressure of gas.
  • Thermostats:
    The thermostat that is controlling your home’s heat or air isn’t precise. Investigating this can be simple by purchasing a different thermostat to check for precision. This procedure should likewise be possible by calling an expert Technician from www.rileyheatandair.com as they have more precise hardware.
  • Clear Air Vents:
    Ensure that anything such as sofas or furniture are not blocking the vents. The vents blockage can seriously restrict the wind stream which can cause drops in temperature. Additionally, ensure the vents are open.

In case you are not sure about preparing your HVAC all by your own then the expert service of heat & air conditioning repair in Washington i.e. www.rileyheatandair.com is just one call away.

5 Common Misconceptions About Air Conditioning Repairs!

5 common Misconceptions about Air conditioning Repairs!

After the air conditioning repair services were introduced, there have been a lot of misguided judgments or we can say that there are several misconceptions about cooling and heating services. A few of the AC misconceptions are so common that majority of people accept them as fact!
Keep reading the article to know the 5 common misconceptions along with the reality behind them.

  • Turn the temperature down lower than normal to quickly cool the room:
    A lot of people think that by turning the temperature low, they can quickly cool the room. But, according to air condition repair in Washington DC, the truth is that this will wind up costing you a great amount of money since it lets the AC unit to run longer than it is appropriate. It doesn’t make a difference what the temperature is; it will take the unit a specific amount time to cool the room.
  • It’s less expensive to leave the thermostat at the same temperature all day:
    Several people believe that its less expensive to leave the thermostat at the same temperature throughout the day, even when you are at your work. Well, this is not true. Utilizing a programmable thermostat can give the house a chance to warm up while you’re not at home, at that point start cooling things down before you return home. This enables your unit to take a break when it doesn’t have to utilize energy.
  • When you go outside, you should turn the cooling system off to spare money:
    This is basically an outdated concept rather than a misconception since turning your AC off while you’re gone will spare you cash. But, the reality is that it will likewise cause you uneasiness since you need to get back to a totally warm house. Rather than doing this, you can ask your air condition repair service to set an automatic on and off system.
  • Close the vents for colder air:
    A few people trust that keeping the central air framework’s vents shut will make the cold air develop, so when you return home and open them, you will appreciate an impact of cool air. But, according to all expert air conditioning services, this can be hazardous to your cooling system, since the cold air has no place to go, it can wind up solidifying the engine and inner lodging. This can breakdown the unit and can cause warm air and repair costs for your home.
  • The cooling system won’t keep running perfectly in case that you have the roof fans turned on:
    Well, this is totally false. Fans don’t cool air; they simply move it around. You can utilize the roof fans when you’re in the room, however, turn them off to spare power when you are going outside.