5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air

5 reasons your air conditioner is blowing warm air

1. Thermostat problem :
The most common cause of hot air from your air conditioner is that the thermostat is switched to the heating mode. It happens to all of us. Sometimes thermostat is accidently switched to the heating from cooling mode. No need to worry in this kind of situation, just go and switch it to the cooling mode again and you are good to go.

2. Dirty air filters :
If your air conditioner’s thermostat is at cooling mode but you are still getting hot air from it, then the problem can be caused by the air filters. Air filters are used to filter the dust particles from the air of the air conditioner. But when those air filters are dirty enough that the air cannot pass through them, you usually get no air or comparatively hot air. To solve this issue, you just have to change the old filters with the new ones.

3. Refrigerant Leak :
Speaking of refrigerant leaks; this issue can cause your air conditioner to blow hot air too. Remember, refrigerant does not need to be refilled, so if there is a leak, you need to call a professional. Exposure to refrigerant can be dangerous for humans and pets, so be sure to act promptly.

4. Breaker Switch Is Blown :
There are multiple components that make up an air conditioning system, and if one stops working, the whole system can fail. If the breaker switch fails, it will halt power to the outside unit and impede the production of cool air. If this is the case, the first thing you should do is check the breaker and see if anything has tripped. If so, reset it and see if this remedies the problem. If the problem persists, it could be indicative of an underlying electrical issue, and you should call a professional electrician.

5. Condenser Coils (Outdoor Unit) :
If you’ve checked the thermostat, breaker box, air filter, and indoor coils, it’s time to go outside to inspect the outdoor unit. Just as the indoor evaporator coils need free airflow, so do the outdoor evaporator coils. That’s why it’s recommended to maintain a minimum 2-foot clearance around the outdoor condenser unit at all times.

6. Worn out compressor :
The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system. Its function is to circulate refrigerant through a series of stages that allow it to remove heat from your system cabin. Similar to many other car parts, the compressor can wear out over time. Due to its complicated design, compressor failure can be attributed to contamination or other failed parts within the system.

There are some things that you can do to help prolong the life of your AC’s compressor. First, make sure to run the compressor for about 10 minutes once a month in the offseason, regardless of the temperature outside. This is easy to in most modern vehicles since they utilize the compressor when the defroster, which is used year round, is activated.

Top Reasons Why Your Heating System Needs Servicing Before The Onset of Winter?

Top reasons why your Heating System needs servicing before the onset of winter?

Servicing your heating systems before winters has a lot of advantages. It will give you peace and genuine feelings of serenity since you’ll know that your family will be protected and warm throughout the winter season. Heating repair in Washington DC as well as Maryland is very essential as the weather in winters becomes so harsh. So, in case you live somewhere near such places then Riley Heat & Air rileyheatandair.com can help you in servicing the heating system.

Below are a few top reasons that prove that servicing the heating system is important before winters.

  • It will bring down your utility bills: Regardless of whether you heat your home with power, oil or even gas, a quick heating system servicing can hold your service charges within proper limits. Heat pumps work throughout the year to keep you in comfort, so they advantage from the servicing in the spring as well as fall. With a heater, the combustion segments should be checked before winter. The air handler that works with your heater and cooling gear likewise be serviced so it runs proficiently. So, if you want to keep yourself and your family warm while winters then you should quickly contract the best furnace repair in Washington DC.
  • Enhancing Heating Safety: Servicing the heating systems enhances the execution and unwavering quality of all heating systems, yet it’s particularly vital for heaters. Inadequate burning may cause security concerns, and it implies that the fuel you’re using isn’t being changed over to heat. Your HVAC expert should clean the burner, assess the heat exchanger and check the fuel line and vent pipe. You also need to test your smoke alarms along with the carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Improves the indoor air quality: Dirty filters increment vitality utilization and result in increasingly “no heat” issues than some other single contributor. A new or cleaned filter or legitimately working air cleaner will guarantee the appropriate flow of air through the hardware and all through the home, bringing about an all the more equitably heated home.
  • Keeps away from emergency maintenance: Air condition repair or furnace repair services are frequently very busy in the winter in finishing the last tune-ups and doing the emergency repairs. By planning the servicing before winter arrives, you can stay away from conceivable delays. You’ll have the capacity to get an arrangement at an advantageous time, and you won’t need to stress over your family experiencing a heating system breakdown.
  • Fire Risks: A despicably working heater with wrong gas pressure, old and dirty burners or inadequate controls of safety can bring about fire risks or extreme temperature risks that can harm the hardware or the house can even get on fire if these things are not checked or repaired. So, to avoid such risks, it is better to contact heating repair in Washington DC or Maryland as the weather there is very harsh in winters.

Things To Do To Prepare Your Heating System For The Winter Season!

Things to do to prepare your Heating system for the winter season!

The harsh climate conditions amid Washington DC winters can cause huge issues for your family if your heating system isn’t working at its best. Snowfall and cool winds undermine the lifespan of your system so it’s very essential that you proactively carry out the essential maintenance or look for a good service for heating repair in Washington DC to ensure that you heating system work well.

Below are some tips that can help you in preparing your heating system for winters.

  • Checking the heating system:
    Whatever heating system you depend on based upon where you live, it may be wood heaters, heating oil, or another heat source, you will surely don’t like it to break down in the winter, resulting in paying for emergency repairs. So first thing is to check it and make sure that it is in working condition if you really want to avoid issues in winters. However, if you don’t know how to check it properly then you can look for any services for furnace repair in Washington DC.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat:
    Once your heater is working appropriately, next thing is to proficiently control the heat that it gives out. Heating expenses can include rapidly, particularly in case you’re keeping your home at a high temperature while you’re not there. Maintain a strategic distance from this issue, and try to save energy by choosing an automatic or programmable thermostat. Several heating service in Washington DC are available that can help you in installation.
  • Replacing the furnace filters:
    On the off chance that you haven’t changed the filters of your heater or furnace since a couple of months, then it’s very important to do it now. An old or dirty filter is the most well-known reasons for breakdowns in heating units. A new filter will minimize expenses, air quality up, and your heating system will become stringer. In case you find it difficult then you can contact rileyheatandair.com in order to get the best furnace repair in Washington DC.
  • Sealing up the leaks:
    In order to assist your indoor heating system, ensure that the heat remains in by sealing up all the drafts that you may find around your doors or windows. For windows, you can use a caulk or an economical plastic window protection film to seal them.
  • Cleaning the furnace before using it:
    It is very important to clean your finance before using it otherwise it may cause problems because during summers when the heaters are not being used, the furnaces may get full of dust and dirt. So, it is important to clean all that dust if you want to make you heater work amazingly. You can also contact heating service in Washington DC for better maintenance of you heating system.

Did Your HVAC Contractor Give You a Maintenance Agreement?

Did your HVAC contractor give you a Maintenance agreement

Your heating systems should be looked up and maintained by experts to guarantee that they’re working effectively and without any serious issue. However, to get you work done, you also need to have a maintenance agreement with the contactor. If you have hired an air condition service or any heating service in Maryland but the contractor didn’t gave you a maintenance agreement then you should demand one by yourself as it is very important.

  • It will work as a reminder: Keeping track of all the different assignments around the house can be an extreme endeavour. Getting a maintenance agreement will lessen you duties as your HVAC contractor will fulfil all your HVAC maintenance needs without even reminding them. The agreement will work as a reminder and you have to do nothing but just wait for the contractor to provide best services.
  • Your heating or cooling system will last longer: Just like a complex machine, your home’s cooling, as well as heating units, require a specific measure of support to guarantee their parts don’t wear or glitch. Due to the maintenance agreement, you will get regular checkups of you heating as well as cooling systems which will let you system last longer. However, for the best furnace repair in Washington DC as well as air conditioning service in Washington DC, you can contact www.rileyheatandair.com
  • The agreement will help in keeping track of the systems’ maintenance history: A maintenance agreement with you contractor implies that tune-up, maintenance, and repair is reported and kept conveniently in the system. This encourages the contractor to monitor the health of your heating and cooling systems and will likewise keep them in the best condition. So, after an agreement you don’t need to do much work because your contractor will do it for you by providing the services without reminders.
  • You’ll Avoid Emergency Fixes: Life without heating or cooling in your home can be awkward or can be really risky. Try to solve minor issues at the time so that is doesn’t transform into real disappointments. The maintenance agreement will guarantee to solve all such minor issues at the right time and without any delay. So, if you have a maintenance agreement of any furnace or air conditioning service then you don’t need to worry about minor issues of your system.
  • You’ll Save Money: Along with the best maintenance of your system, avoiding emergency replacements and repairs, you will also save money if you have a maintenance agreement as you have to pay less amount of money within agreement.

So, if you want to contract a cooling or heating service in Washington DC or Maryland regions along with the maintenance agreements then www.rileyheatandair.com can prove to be the best one for you.

5 Signs That The Heating Furnace Needs an Upgrade!

5 signs your heating furnace needs an upgrade

A lot of times, people living in Washington DC don’t realize when their heating furnace needs an upgrade or a complete replacement. Below are 5 basic signs which will let you know when you need to contact furnace repair in Washington DC in order to upgrade, repair or service it.

1. The furnace is being used over 15 years:

The normal time span for a gas furnace is 18 years. But, you should change the one that is more than 15 years with an energy efficient furnace to save 15% of energy. Keeping an old furnace can decrease the heating temperature and it can cause other issues. So, it’s better to change a furnace after every 15 years. Hiring a furnace repair in Washington dc as well as Maryland is easy because Riley Heat & air (rileyheatandair.com) is always there to help you.

2. Your electricity bills and hardware repairs are relentlessly expanding:

An older furnace will undoubtedly work harder to provide the heat than it provided when it was new. This implies higher electricity bills and more incessant repairs. A slight increment in both of them is fine for an old furnace. Yet, once you start seeing great bill increments and your heater repairman knows you by name, it might be the time to upgrade your heating furnace.

3. The rooms of your houses have different temperatures:

An old and inefficient furnace can bring about a few rooms being colder or hotter than others. This is likely the sign of an old furnace and old duct system that is losing its capacity to disseminate heat equitably all through the house. In case you’re encountering some of these issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Riley Heat & air (rileyheatandair.com) which is providing services of furnace repair in Maryland or Washington dc.

4. Your home has ash around the registers.

An old heater may start regurgitating out dust, ash or even rust particles, which can be not just bothering for the individuals who want to keep a clean and tidy house, but it can also be risky for everybody’s health. When you notice some ash or rust around the heater or registers, this is a sign that your furnace has excess CO2. It can likewise cause extreme dryness, influencing all the house’s walls, wood ground surface, furniture, and plants. So, in the event that you see plants beginning to shrivel, or the family members are encountering dry eyes, headaches and irritated throats then you need to upgrade your furnace as soon as possible.

5. The furnace is making noise:

The furnace tends to make a little noise when they are turned on and off, however in the event that those little noises begin to get logically louder, it might be an ideal opportunity to upgrade your unit. These sounds may come as popping, slamming, murmuring, or shrieking. This could be an indication that you may need to contact Riley Heat & air (rileyheatandair.com) which is a furnace service in Washington dc, in order to replace your furnace or a few sections inside the heater.

Guidelines For Furnace Repair And Service

Today lots of people use furnace all over the world mostly in their kitchens to drive away the oily and greasy air. Although the use of kitchen furnace is not very old but heating furnace has been in use from long time back. Earlier people used furnaces above their fire places to keep their homes hot specially during winters. Heating furnaces are still used widely for homes specially in colder regions. So to maintain a streamlined and efficient operation of heating furnaces, furnaces should be serviced at regular intervals of time.
Generally heating systems are trouble-free and very easy to maintain.

Efficient working is directly proportional to good regular maintenance. It does not matter what type of furnace you are using, you can always do several things to keep your heating system in top condition. Regardless of the type of furnace you are using, in this article we will teach you how to service and troubleshoot your furnace.

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Home Furnace: Repair and Maintenance – Troubleshooting Common Problems

In those cold winter months, one of the most important things you can have working in your home in Silver Spring is the heating furnace. Homes located in cold country places like Silver Spring need heating furnaces to heat up their rooms. Same goes for those homes located in upper regions where they are unsafe to changing weathers.

Have you ever experienced a winter night with a non working heating system? If you have, you will agree that it is the most uncomfortable situation to define in words. To avoid such vulnerable experiences, you must prepare earlier. You should inspect your system well-in-advance to determine if it is in order to tackle system failures during cold winters months. If you need service, save yourself from unnecessary hassle by hiring professional heating furnace contractors at Riley Heat and Air for Maryland and Washington DC regions.

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