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5 Common Misconceptions About Air Conditioning Repairs!

March 2018

By Admin

After the air conditioning repair services were introduced, there have been a lot of misguided judgments or we can say that there are several misconceptions about cooling and heating services. A few of the AC misconceptions are so common that majority of people accept them as fact! Keep reading the article to know the 5 common misconceptions along with the reality behind them.

  • Turn the temperature down lower than normal to quickly cool the room: A lot of people think that by turning the temperature low, they can quickly cool the room. But, according to air condition repair in Washington DC, the truth is that this will wind up costing you a great amount of money since it lets the AC unit to run longer than it is appropriate. It doesn't make a difference what the temperature is; it will take the unit a specific amount time to cool the room.
  • It's less expensive to leave the thermostat at the same temperature all day: Several people believe that its less expensive to leave the thermostat at the same temperature throughout the day, even when you are at your work. Well, this is not true. Utilizing a programmable thermostat can give the house a chance to warm up while you're not at home, at that point start cooling things down before you return home. This enables your unit to take a break when it doesn't have to utilize energy.
  • When you go outside, you should turn the cooling system off to spare money: This is basically an outdated concept rather than a misconception since turning your AC off while you're gone will spare you cash. But, the reality is that it will likewise cause you uneasiness since you need to get back to a totally warm house. Rather than doing this, you can ask your air condition repair service to set an automatic on and off system.
  • Close the vents for colder air: A few people trust that keeping the central air framework's vents shut will make the cold air develop, so when you return home and open them, you will appreciate an impact of cool air. But, according to all expert air conditioning services, this can be hazardous to your cooling system, since the cold air has no place to go, it can wind up solidifying the engine and inner lodging. This can breakdown the unit and can cause warm air and repair costs for your home.
  • The cooling system won't keep running perfectly in case that you have the roof fans turned on: Well, this is totally false. Fans don't cool air; they simply move it around. You can utilize the roof fans when you're in the room, however, turn them off to spare power when you are going outside.
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