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5 Common Symptoms Of Faulty Heating Furnace

5 Common Symptoms Of Faulty Heating Furnace

August 2020

By Admin

Is your heating furnace functioning properly? Having an extreme cold, chilled weather outside will make you dependent on the heating furnace to get comfortable. Right? If that furnace turns out to be faulty or needs some repairs then?

Furthermore, you have zero knowledge of repairing it. Even if you have, there are chances you miss something important. In such instances, you need the help of a professional furnace repairing expert to fix it.

There are many reasons that a furnace may not work or work with a decreased efficiency.Furnace which don’t work with the correct efficiency will increase the energy bills. You have to check the right parameters to get the status of your furnace. Don’t know what are the signs of faulty heating furnaces?

Don’t worry, we have come up with a list of top 5 common symptoms that help in determining the behavior of your furnace.

Let’s get started.

Furnace smelling weird

Smell that comes out of the furnace is of the fuel that is condensed in it. Generally, the odor gets depleted as the unit runs. In some cases, you will smell some strong scent or odor around the unit that appears suddenly or persists there for a long time. This indicates that your furnace might run into a problem.

The smell from the furnace can be due to certain causes, gas leaks, or excessive dust inside the unit. These dust particles or moving bacteria have a significant impact on the air quality of the room. Sometimes, to maintain furnace air quality, the better way is to clean the filters. But professional duct and unit cleaning is required in most cases.

Note: The moment you notice weird smell from the furnace, call HVAC professionals to address this problem.

Heating Furnace Age

Are you well- aware of the age of your furnace? You can determine its age from the serial number on the label. A furnace is expected to last between 15-20 years. If your furnace is above that, you should consider replacing it with a new unit. The new furnace will be more energy-efficient, less noisy, and bring down your heating bills.

What do your electricity bills tell about the furnace? That leads to our next topic.

Hike in heating bills

If there is a surge in your heating bills for a while around, then it could be a warning to replace your furnace. Maybe because your furnace is taking hours to heat your room, the efficiency is slowed down. So check out the furnace filter, as a dirty filter blocks the airflow passage. That’s harsh on furnace performance as well as for utility bills.

Intolerant noise

It’s pretty obvious your furnace will make noise during operation. But a weird loud noise is a hint there’s a problem. Strange sounds indicate that some parts have gotten loose that needs to be fixed soon. Rumbling or squeaking or whatever you hear, give the description to your HVAC contractor during the inspection. If it breaks silence in a periodic pattern then a serious issue is lurking around. It needs an urgent replacement!

Here’s how you can determine the furnace problem from the kind of sound it makes.

Cold Air

Are you feeling cold? It is hard to accept, but your furnace has gone into a problem. It’s a serious concern when a furnace delivers cold air in place of its natural tendency. There are a number of reasons for this, but often it is caused by blower fans. Your malfunctioned blower fan finds it difficult to blow warm air. Thus, leaving cold spots in the room.

Either way, your furnace is failing. This is something a qualified HVAC technician has to look at.


Furnace systems need to be inspected before winter arrives. Otherwise, you will be in big trouble. This kind of heating system doesn't last for long, so a regular check-up is advisable. Your furnace age, noise, smell are some common signals of faulty furnaces. Once identified, call the best HVAC contractors to deal with the problem. For any such problems, call your HVAC contractors who will make sure that it will be solved as fast as possible.

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