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5 Money-Saving AC Maintenance Tips For Summer

5 Money-Saving AC Maintenance Tips For Summer

June 2020

By Admin

The onset of the Summer Holidays can be exciting for most people. These can, however, be frustrating times for most homeowners. This is because, as the temperatures shoot up, so will the energy and AC maintenance costs. The AC system will be putting in more work in regulating the high temperatures, leading to increased energy consumption. To ease this burden, here are some AC tips that will make your energy and maintenance bills less terrifying this summer.

Replace/Clean Air Filters

AC systems are usually fitted with air filters that trap particles from the air that flows back into the system. Filled with all the airborne dirt that you could think of, these filters can become clogged after some time. The clogged dirt then restricts the free flow of air in and out of the system. This becomes strenuous to the system causing it to use up more energy.

This, therefore, calls for regular cleaning or replacement depending on the type of air filter that you are using. This is a basic form of AC maintenance that will ensure your AC is working properly and at maximum efficiency, preventing your energy bills from going up.

Keep your AC off during the Night

To reduce energy costs, you need to make sure that you are making use of the AC only when it is absolutely necessary. This means adjusting it when you leave the house to go to work or any other place. Installing a smart thermostat will help you with this.

Another way through which you can give your AC a break is by turning it down at night. The temperatures are much hotter during the day, and they tend to come down as the darkness sets in. Take advantage of these lower temperatures at night by using it to help you cool your home. You can do this by opening the windows and letting the cool breeze flow inside the house. In case you find this cooling not enough, you can turn on the fan, which makes a cheaper alternative to the AC.

Minimize on the use of Heat Emitting Devices

During the summer, the temperatures are already hot enough and you do not need anything adding on to that heat. This is because it will give the AC more work in terms of regulating the high temperatures. Televisions, computers, and tablets are all culprits when it comes to the emission of heat. Taking some time off the screens will provide you with some family bonding time and at the same time mean well for your energy consumption.

Cooking appliances are also guilty of plenty of heat production around the house. If any cooking is to be done during the day, it should be done outside if possible. You may also go for meals that do not require cooking or order in. You should try to run most of the essential appliances at night when the temperatures are much cooler.

Keep your House Shaded

The more you keep your house protected from the direct sunlight, the cooler it will be. This will demand less from the AC enabling you to save on energy and AC maintenance costs.

Prevent direct sunlight from making way into your house by drawing in your curtains, blinds, or drapes for most of the time if not all. This will act as a barrier to the sun rays, leading to less heat absorption into the house.

Hot air coming into the house will counter the efforts of the AC in providing a cool environment, and so will the escape of the cool air from the house. It is for this reason that you should keep your windows and doors closed as well.

Get a Tune-Up Just Before Summer

Your AC system needs to be in the best working condition in preparation for the work that lies ahead as summer approaches. Investing in a tune-up just as the summer is about to roll in will make sure that your AC does not fail at the time when you need it the most.

The technician will fix it up and ensure that everything from the electric connections, the fans, coils and every other individual component is in check. This will prevent any major breakdowns from occurring during the summer that would lead to high AC maintenance costs. You will also have a high-efficiency system that will lead to lower energy bills.

With the significant rise in temperatures during the summer, it is inevitable to have your AC maintenance and energy bills go up. This is because the AC will be working harder than before to provide a nice and cool environment for your home. Nonetheless, it is not all doom and gloom as you can still employ the above measures to help you save on these costs.

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