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5 Most Common AC Problems In Summer Season

5 Most Common AC Problems In Summer Season

May 2020

By Admin

It’s summer, which means the heat is on!! Dealing with AC problems would be the last thing you would want to happen during summers. People use Air conditioning to deal with the extreme heat and dry weather. It can be really uncomfortable for you and your family to deal with the broken AC during summers. Hence it is always essential to ensure that you have a working and fully functional AC system. To be prepared for the changing season and the extreme heat, you should know about the most common air conditioning problems that might arise during summers. Being informed about the problems will help you in easily detecting the air conditioning problems and also preventing such issues in the future.

Having Dirty Filters:

During the summer season, AC is running continuously to keep the room temperature normal. The more the air conditioning runs, the more quickly your ac filters will get dirty. Having pets, nearby traffic, hardwood floors can also contribute to the dirty filters. Generally, one-inch thick filters are specifically designed for replacement after every 3 months. If you are not replacing the dirty filters or not cleaning them regularly, it will reduce the efficiency of your AC system. Moreover, dirty filters can cause allergies and other respiratory issues. Hence, it is always recommended to invest in high-quality pleated air filters. Good air filters have the potential to capture the household dirt without increasing the pressure on the AC system.You must get the dirty AC filter cleaned regularly to maintain higher efficiency of the HVAC system.

Refrigerant Leaking Problem:

During the summer season, AC runs continuously, or sometimes it works overtime to maintain the home or office temperature and keep it cool. Due to the continuous utilization of AC, the coils and refrigerant lines develop tiny pinhole leaks. These small leaks become pronounced when the AC is working 24/7. Eventually, the coolant will start leaking and the AC unit won’t perform easily. You would be able to notice the problem when there would be frequent fluctuation in the AC temperatures. Moreover, the location of the leak will affect the cost of repairing and increase energy consumption. So before summer hits hard, get your HVAC system examined by the professional HVAC service provider so that you don’t have to face any such AC problems.

Capacitor Breakdown:

Breaking down of the AC system may also happen due to the failure of capacitors. The basic function of the capacitor is to help the motors of the system during startup and throughout the run cycle. When there is a problem in the capacitors, the fan motor or compressor finds it difficult to start. The capacitors make use of castor oil which helps in smooth functioning and extending life. During extreme hot temperatures, the AC systems run throughout the day, and capacitors fail due to overloading.

Having Clogged Drains:

When the AC is functioning to provide you cool air, it is also actively dehumidifying. The wastage water is removed through the small drains and gets accumulated with gallons of water every day. Along with the water, the AC filters remove dust and dirt which flows through the air filters and gets clogged in the drainage system of the AC. This drain clogging can lead to potential leaks and also cause damage to the air filters.

Having Problem With Motor Failing:

When the capacitors fail, it will eventually lead to the failure of the motor of the AC system. The failing of the capacitor increases excess strain on the motors which causes overheating and ultimately the motor shuts down. Moreover, having dirt all around the parts of the system creates additional stress which gradually reduces the efficiency of the machine. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep the AC system clean and well maintained.


During summer, if you experience any of these AC issues, it is best to consult the expert professional HVAC services providers. They are skilled technicians who would effectively examine the AC system and perform the repair if required. It is essential to keep your HVAC system well maintained to spend a comfortable time in your office or home.

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