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7 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Furnace

September 2022

By Admin

If your furnace has been helpful all these years, it is also true that you may have faced one or two problems while using it to keep warm during cold days. There might have been moments when you called the technicians to carry out furnace repair or maintenance, just so you have a comfortable home to live in.

However, there are times the furnace no longer requires any form of management. You are left with only the option of having it replaced. No matter how liable the furnace has been, there will be a time to replace it. Having a furnace system that is regularly showing signs and hints of the malfunction is bad and you need to replace it. Here are 7 Tips that can help you know it is time for you to replace your furnace.

1. Frequent Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repairs

If your furnace system starts misbehaving more often than usual, or from time to time, and you keep depending on the repair technicians to carry out serious repairs on it, this is a huge sign that the furnace is no longer great for managing. To save money on unnecessary repairs, you can replace the furnace with a new one.

Replacing a furnace is better than repairing it from time to time. It is less expensive and it can also save you the stress of calling a furnace repair technician to perform consistent repairs which usually takes a chunk of money out of your pocket every time. In addition, you only replace it once and your furnace will run smoothly, and this helps you to focus on other important things.

2. A Dramatic Increase in Your Heating Bills

For your furnace to run properly, you need to burn up fuel, such as propane gas or heating oil, to allow heat production. A perfect world requires up to 100 percent energy spent by the furnace, to generate heat. However, in the real sense, the production of this heat is often less than 100 percent, even if the furnace service is perfectly effective with gas or oil. The older the furnace, the less likely it will produce the right amount of energy. Two factors cause the energy to reduce, and they include wear and tear. Once the design of the furnace wears off to nothing, you should start thinking in the line of replacing your furnace. The design of new furnace models is more effective than the older ones. So if your furnace service is no longer great, replacing it is the right thing to do as it helps you save money on energy bills and repairs.

3. Your Furnace is Old

Once your furnace system gets very old, all kinds of happenings will begin to take place, causing you to spend more money. You may fix one thing today, and another will go wrong the next day. Older furnaces consume a lot of energy than new ones. Also, old furnace repairs are often very expensive and if you calculate the money spent within a few months of consistent repair, it may be enough to get yourself a new heating installation.

How you know if your furnace is too old and should be replaced is if you have been using it for over 15 years. Normally, the lifespan of a furnace is 20 to 30 years. So, once you have started using your furnace and you are progressing beyond 10 years, it is necessary to start looking out for signs that the system may require replacement. You do not have to wait until it is over 20 or 30 years to do so. It could last as long as its expected lifespan, but you will also spend so much money on repair and energy bills. Save yourself the stress, and get a new heating system installation as soon as it is necessary.

4. Unfamiliar Noises

HVAC contractors

Every furnace produces noises while operating, but the big concern is when the noise is abnormal. It is not unusual for the furnace to hum the moment the burner is powered on and the fuel is ignited. However, there is a problem when you hear a whooshing sound while the air makes its way into the ducts in your home.

The moment this travel cycle is completed, the pinging or popping noise that is made while cooling off the duct, can be a sign of damage. Other furnace noises that bespeak problems include shrieking, persistent whining, and rumbling. If you have noticed these signs, get a replacement as soon as you can.

5. Your Furnace is Not Attractive

In the beginning, when you first had your heat installation, the furnace looked spectacular and shiny. Several years of the furnace service will cause it to lose that shine and begin to fade away until looking at it becomes nearly revolting. If it looks rusty, cracked, streaked with soot, and irritating, you must replace it as these signs usually come with furnace damage.

6. You Are Facing Serious Humidity Problems

Mold can take over any home if the air suddenly becomes humid. This usually affects breathing and causes you and your loved ones to fall sick with respiratory problems. Also, increased humidity causes rot on the structures and walls of a home and this normally leads to ugly-looking strains, forming on the ceilings and walls. Aside from this, the humidity conditions of your home can also invite pests to infest. Replace the old furnace with a new model that has better functions and deals with all humidity concerns.

7. Unevenly Heated House

The furnace was designed to heat all sections of the home evenly. Old age can be a reason why it does not carry out this function anymore. Secondly, the furnace might begin to face difficulty generating the right amount of heat across all the ideal areas if it is undersized or oversized. For undersized furnaces, some rooms in the house will not experience heat, while oversized furnaces will produce too much heat. Whatever may be the case, replace the furnace with an appropriate one.


Now that you know what signs to look out for when you need to replace your furnace, do not ignore the signs as repair may be too expensive. Contact a professional furnace repair technician to bring you the best solution.

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