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7 signs your Air conditioner needs repair

7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

February 2018

By Admin

A fully functional air conditioning system becomes an essential need in the summer season. Just think for a second, how annoying it will be when you need cool air and your air conditioner gives up. Therefore, it is always advantageous to have air conditioner maintenance before it completely fails. You must keep looking the performance of your air conditioner to check if it needs any repair or maintenance. Below are described 7 signs that let you know if your air conditioner needs repair.

  • No cool air: First of all, you need to check if your air conditioner is fulfilling its basic responsibility by producing cool air or not. If AC is not properly cooling the air, then it time for repair. If the air coming out from AC vent is warm, then it is indication that compressor of your AC has been failed or Freon’s level is too low that it is not cooling down the air. In such situation it become essential that you replace the unit.
  • Low airflow: If you observe that some parts of your home or room are getting colder but some are not, then there are high chances that your air conditioner is unable to throw and spread cool air in each and every corner of your home or room. Such poor air flow indicates two things, whether your air conditioning vents are filled up and blocked by the debris or air conditioner’s compressor is getting weaker. If air conditioning vents are clean, then your air conditioner requires a repair as soon as possible before the air compressor completely fails.
  • Turning on and off frequently: If your air conditioning unit is turning on and off very frequently or not turning on then it is indicating that there is a problem with thermostat. the Thermostat is basically central control of the air conditioner that continuously reads the temperature of the room or home and decides when to turn on the air conditioning unit and how much cooling must be generated. When thermostat breaks down then air conditioner starts to turn off before cooling the room up to certain temperature and sometimes it even does not turn on when needed.
  • Leaks around the air conditioning unit: If you observe moisture around the air conditioning unit where it shouldn’t be then it needs repairing. There are mainly two reasons for moisture, one is refrigerant leakage which is highly dangerous for health and other is leakage in drain tube.
  • Noise: If your air conditioning unit is producing metal grinding, screeching noise or other sounds, then it means that something is broken inside the air conditioner. In such situation you must call HVAC expert to take a look and repair your AC.
  • More electricity bills: You must check your electricity bill if you doubt that your air conditioner is not working properly. If your electricity bill has dramatically increased, then its indication that your AC is not operating efficiently and it is consuming more electric units.
  • Air conditioner smells bad: If the air conditioner is smelling bad, then there are chances that some wire has been burned which can lead to the air conditioning unit failure or even short circuit. In such situation air conditioner needs repair.
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