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Air Conditioner Noises That Should Provoke a Call To Your HVAC Specialist!

Air Conditioner Noises That Should Provoke a Call To Your HVAC Specialist!

October 2019

By Admin

You cannot expect your Air Conditioner to operate in complete silence. It will make a whirring sound that is but natural. However there are other sounds originating in the AC that are quite out of the blue and needs administering. You would be left wondering whether the noises emanating from your AC is a minor or major problem or is it just that your AC has seen better days!

In the remote possibility that you start hearing some uncharacteristic noises from the indoor or outside unit when the A/C is running, don't disregard it. In spite of the assumption that it may just be a free part that basically needs fixing, a HVAC specialist may uncover a troublesome issue with the evaporator or condenser that influences the structure's efficiency.

So with these assumptions, let's take a look at the noises occurring from your AC which need some looking into:

Hissing or Whistling:

A hissing sound emanating from the Air Conditioner that goes on for only a couple of moments before ceasing may not be an issue by any large margin. It could be the sound of refrigerant gas in your expansion valve. In any case, a continuous buzzing or whistling sound could be an indication of a refrigerant escaping.

A refrigerant leak could take place in your refrigerant lines or in your inward valve. Faulty refrigerant lines could likewise make a foaming sound. Chipped interior valves will deteriorate whenever left unchecked, and the murmuring sound will escalate.

A fault in the refrigerant line ought to be explored and fixed as quickly as time permits and keep the leak from increasing. Keep the air conditioner off if you do surmise a leak. Intake of freon gas, the refrigerant used in your air conditioner can be hazardous to your wellbeing.

Hissing could likewise be a pointer that the pressure within your air compressor is excessively high. At times, a shrill yelling sound succeeds the hissing sound. In the event that you hear hissing, whistling or shouting originating from the compressor, turn the air conditioner off right away. Leave it off until your air conditioner repair expert can take a good look at it.


A buzzing sound escaping the Air Conditioner is likely to cause an alarm. However the noise is not easily comprehensible in the din of the AC noise but is easily identified when you walk past the Air Conditioner Unit located outdoors.

The buzzing sound could convey a fault amongst the the fan motor, the contactor relay switch or circuit breakers and many more. However, be informed that the buzzing noise escaping the air conditioner is an electrical malfunction which tends to figure when the unit gets older. If the buzzing sound is on the outdoor unit, don't risk it. Just shut the AC and call the AC Repair Expert.

Metallic Grinding Noise:

When two metals collide in any mechanical system, it is not acceptable and you will not buy it. These sounds are either the compressor problems or loose and damaged belts. This knocking sound of metal grinding on metal is that the compressor is worn out and need s to be replaced and if the need arises, the whole AC unit needs to be dumped for a new one. A flipside to this coin is that if it is the belt grinding against other components in the unit, you can be relieved; it is a minor repair which can be fixed by an AC Repair Technician.

Sooner the better, for the belt rubbing with other components in the Air Conditioner will damage those components as well.

Your Air Conditioner is an important appliance in your house and timely care of the unit will give you years of loyal service. The noises coming from an AC are important cues to the condition of an AC and correcting it will safeguard your home's air quality and safety of your family.

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