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Cut Heating Costs During the Winter Seasons

Cut Heating Costs During the Winter Seasons

September 2020

By Admin

Winter is around the corner. Winter brings some really good memories back to life - chilling morning, hot coffee, snowfall, and a really cozy warm room. Well, the cozy room would definitely remind of the furnace which would need servicing before you start using them, and the spiking utility bills. But you need not worry about it anymore. With these amazing strategies, you would be able to cut the heating cost, save energy, and also ensure that you stay comfortable in the extreme cold.

The very first step is to inspect the furnace inside out. If you think that there are minor issues with the furnace then get it repaired as soon as possible. In case, the furnace is too old and you are spending a lot on getting it frequently repaired, then you must get a new one with advanced features.

#1 To Cut The Heating Cost - Install A Programmable Thermostat:

Generally, programmable thermostats are available in advanced heating systems or furnaces. But if you have an old system, then it is better to get a programmable thermostat installed. It is a smart device that helps in regulating the indoor temperature 24/7. It will help in generating nominal heat and also save energy. A programmable thermostat is programmed to have an automatic temperature setback. The most important point is that it can provide you the capability to lower heat settings when no one is around or at home and then raise the temperature again in time for you to return or wake to a toasty house. You might be thinking that it would be very expensive - but no. In the last few years, the cost of programmable thermostats has dropped.

#2 Getting The Filters Of The Furnace Replaced Or Repaired:

While inspecting the furnace if you see that the furnace filters are extremely dirty, then immediately clean them. The dust on the filters restrict the flow of air and also contaminate it with the dust particles. This could be really harmful to your family. Moreover, it will put pressure on the system to work harder. This in turn will increase the heating costs and not reduce it. After cleaning the filters, if you see that they are not in good condition, then get them repaired. You can even replace the furnace filters if you think that they are beyond repair. Having efficient filters, ensure that it will restrict the allergens and debris to flow out. Moreover, it will prevent the dust or harmful particles from circulating in the room. You would be able to drastically reduce your energy or utility bills.

#3 Make Use Of Caulk And Weather Stripping:

Do you think that the door and windows are the only places where the heat can leak out. Well, no, there are other spots as well. You must check out the places where two building materials meet, such as corners or around the chimney. Ensure that whether there are leaks or not. If yes, then plug it up with highly efficient caulk or weather stripping. It is a smart way to fill all the leaks that you might think would be the energy suckers.

#4 Full Maintenance Of The Heating System / Furnace:

With the furnace maintenance, the professional HVAC contractors would inspect the entire system right from heat pumps, ducts, to the filters. They will let you know what are the problems with your furnace and get it repaired immediately. Moreover, they would clean the furnace with specialized equipment to ensure that you get clean and warm air. The regular maintenance will ensure that your furnace is in good condition, provide proper heating to your home, and do not consume more energy.

#5 Examine The Insulation Of Your House:

No doubt you would have insulated your house appropriately but sometimes, it might happen that the insulations break down or lose their efficiency. When the insulation breaks it creates gaps that allow the heat to escape from the home. If the insulation is damaged beyond repair then get it replaced with new insulation which is energy efficient. If not, you would keep increasing the load on the heating system.


These are some of the most efficient ways through which you can cut down your heating costs. Besides all these points, if you have already made your decision to get the furnace or heating system replaced, then switch to a more efficient heating system model that would help you in reducing the utility bills or energy costs by 30% every year.

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