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DIY Maintenance Checklist of Air Conditioning

DIY Maintenance Checklist of Air Conditioning

August 2020

By Admin

Transition from cold to warm weather is always a good feeling. But when warm turns hotter you rely on your air conditioner to get cool. You switched it on and suddenly your ac breaks down or works abnormally.

How do you feel when this happens? It’s like your boss has turned your cool mood off by calling an urgent meeting. The air condition is one of the important functional units of your house. Your air conditioning should be maintained to keep it functioning properly. And good news is you can do it yourself without hassling for HVAC contractors.

Yet, it will not build greater efficiency but you can manage it to some point. Here is a DIY maintenance checklist to get most out of your HVAC system.

This checklist will guide you through the components of the air conditioner that need to be checked, their maintenance, and other ways to bring your ac back in function.

In short: If you want a chilled summer, you’ll love this guide.

Before you begin:

Keeping danger in concern, it's necessary to completely turn off the power unit before you get started. Along with power off the breaker box, and exterior shut-off box that’s present near the unit.

Sections to clean outside unit:

First, step is to clean the condenser. As the most essential component it needs to be checked. If you found debris or a grate then get it removed. Have a fin inspection to see the fins that need straightening.

Caution: Be careful of the tubing within fins. Don’t damage it.

You need to clear away all the debris near the condenser. Any bushes near ac prune them away. Next step, to clean the inside unit.

Sections to clean inside unit:

Start with cleaning of the evaporator coil ie. present behind the doors. Dust off it with a soft paintbrush and then spray the coil with a coil cleaner. You need to take care that the drain flows freely.

Did you get a 1-inch pvc pipe? It is an evaporator drain. By attaching a vacuum at the end of this pipe you can remove any blockage. AC Filter needs to be changed twice a year or on any heating & cooling system.

Finally, it's time to turn the power back on. Check if cooling is proper or else call out the pro for help.

DIY Air Conditioning Checklist

Debris removal - Using screwdriver or wrench lift the fan cage of the condenser. Either with vacuum or hand take away all debris and leaves from the interior.

Clean and straighten the fins - Using a fin spray clean the dirt build-up or any debris over the fins. A kind information not to use pressure washers. To improve air efficiency, straighten the bent fins with a butter knife or commercially viable fin-straightening tool.

Cleaning nearby unit - Remove leftover leaves, debris and push away branches 2-feet from ac for proper conduct of airflow. Bring the condenser back to level using rot-resistant shims.

Clean the evaporator coil - A coil cleaner is available in the market to clean the interior of the coil. That you can clean on your own without calling an HVAC expert. The spray foam falls in the drain pan. This can be cleaned using soap or hot water. For long-term cleansing you can add a drain pan tablet to it.

Change the filter - Only by changing the filter you can save 15% on your cooling bill. Doing this once a month you can save up a lot. It is the most effective way for your ac to run consistently.

Thermostat adjustment - Get your thermostat setup to higher temperature when you are away from home. This will impact the utility bills and AC unit working time. The benefit you will get is lower in ac bills and increase in unit lifespan.


Air condition efficiency will not disgrace when it is kept in a regular watch. Regular AC maintenance is often required and by DIY you can save a lot of unnecessary expenses. You would likely going to apply the maintenance tips discussed today. If still your ac

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