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How Your HVAC System Enhances The Quality Of Sleep

How Your HVAC System Enhances The Quality of Sleep

May 2020

By Admin

What is HVAC system

HVAC is the abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This system is used in both houses and business places for heating and cooling, to make a living and working environment more comfortable. This system can enhance the quality of air in the surrounding. This is an excellent solution to avoid the health issues that arise due to carbon dioxide, excessive heat, dust, and airborne microorganisms.

An HVAC system is comprised of nine parts that are placed to perform different actions. They are the Air return tool, the filter, the outlets of exhausting, ducts or the air passing channels, electric element, compressor, outdoor unit, coils, and the furnace. There is a difference between the air conditioning and the HVAC system. The air conditioner performs only one function within the HVAC system. In modern systems, the air filtration function is also available.

The three main functions performed by an HVAC system are the Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning process, which itself contained within the name. When there are changes within the climate outside, you don't need to switch from one function to another manually, as it is automatically changed to the required task. When the inner space within the residence is too cold, the HVAC system helps you to have the required level of heat. The furnace of the system does it. When you need to control the heat within the place, the air conditioning function will support it. Cleaning the air is done by the ventilation function. These three functions collectively support people to enjoy life without being disturbed by the effects of outdoor climatic changes.

What should be considered when buying a new HVAC system

Here are some tips for buying a new HVAC system.

Consider the ratings

If you are using your current HVAC system for a long time, there should be a lot of changes since the time you purchase your system. Therefore, do online research and see what other people say about the new HVAC systems available in the market.

Get a new programmable thermostat.

New HVAC systems consist of the programmable thermostat, which is compatible with your smart device and smart home device. This new technology will help you to reduce electricity usage, and it helps in the durability of the HVAC system.

Get an honest opinion on the best HVAC systems available.

Most of the companies which provide HVAC systems have a partnership with one brand. They will convince you to buy the brand that they are selling despite all the negativities of the product. Therefore, go to a company that sells a few brands and get an honest opinion from it.

How Your HVAC Systems Can Improve Sleep Quality

Right temperature

The right temperature for a good night's sleep varies from person to person. As a person fall asleep, the core temperature of the body drops down and helps to relax. The colder the bedroom gets, better the sleep quality. The ideal temperature for better sleep depends on the weather conditions of the area. It is a natural occurrence and needs attention to keep below too hot or too cold. Either way, you will feel uncomfortable in sleep unless it is set within the average.

A well-maintained temperature makes the perfect atmosphere. HVAC systems now contain programmable thermostats to adjust the temperature accordingly. It can identify the temperature for individuals and help to have a night of quality sleep.

Improves indoor air quality

The indoor air quality can make a considerable impact on your sleep. Make sure you change the filters in your HVAC system regularly as advised, vacuum clean and dust your bedroom from time to time and consider cleaning the ducts. Always pay your attention to the last serviced day of the HVAC system.

If you can breathe freely, it will help to boost the sleep quality to its maximum. Therefore, healthy and clean air can help reduce the sore throat or coughing due to contaminants in the bedroom atmosphere. You should pay attention to the HVAC filters and the ducts. With proper maintenance, your HVAC system can purify the indoor air quality.

Manages the humidity level

The humidity level is an essential aspect of quality sleep. An air conditioner can remove moisture in the air and help to improve your sleep. Otherwise, you may feel hot and sticky during sleep. The ideal humidity level is between 40 – 50 percent.

Make sure your HVAC system has a humidifier to deal with dry conditions. Managing the humidity can beneficial for a night of better sleep and to be comfortable during the night.


HVAC systems ensure you have a good night's sleep and enhance the quality of your sleep. It will help you wake up fresh in the morning. You can start your day relaxed and well-rested with a high quality sleep.

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