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Is Regular Maintenance Contract for HVAC Systems Beneficial

Is Regular Maintenance Contract for HVAC Systems Beneficial?

August 2020

By Admin

HVAC systems are one of the most common appliances used on a daily basis. They have become an essential part of life. Can you live without a fan or air conditioner in summer? A furnace or heater in winter? Well, the answer is mostly no. The most important thing to note is these systems can’t run forever without proper regular maintenance. These systems generally break down after a particular period. The reason may be rusting, equipment loosening, components not working. Regular HVAC maintenance should be considered to get them working back in the same position.

Have you made your regular maintenance contract? The HVAC system’s efficiency dissipates over time. For which it is recommended to get regular HVAC maintenance.

Moreover, ignoring it can cause damage to HVAC. And then, you will be left with one solution -- replacement which incurs more cost than regular maintenance. To avoid such a situation, you need to get a maintenance contract done from your local HVAC contractors. 

What’s the need for it? You will be gifted with a lot of benefits from this agreement. Are you curious to know the benefits? 

Before that, have a quick insight on annual maintenance contracts.

What Does Annual Maintenance Contract Mean?

A maintenance contract or maintenance program is an agreement that the homeowner signs with the contractor in return for getting the AC inspected certain times (usually once or twice) in a year on a specified fee. The contract includes the list of services carried out by the HVAC professional on the air conditioner. 

In annual maintenance contracts, thorough checking of HVAC systems is exercised just before the next season. The price may vary between companies, but the general services provided are the same. Keeping it simple, AC breakdown prevention, cost savings, and greater work efficiency all these can be achieved with annual HVAC maintenance. 

Regular HVAC maintenance delivers a pleasant cool air in your home or offices while sustaining the HVAC life.

Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Contract Is Considered Best?

The all-in-one service is better than nothing, but the true value of this service is determined by consistency. Each optimization, cleaning, and inspection results in a system that is more efficient and reliable. To sum up, it is all about consistency.

Your limited HVAC maintenance may not provide that much reliability and efficiency. Keeping track of the last maintenance visit becomes easy and you can save up on service costs. Also, the HVAC contractors may provide you with discounts on the repair costs.

Benefits Of Regular Maintenance

Let’s have a closer look at the additional benefits you may get from routine HVAC maintenance.

  • Schedule your service. Before the arrival of the new season, HVAC contractors are occupied in providing maintenance plans for heating/cooling systems. You got a maintenance plan, then you will be notified to schedule services in advance before the rush begins. This reminder makes sure that your heater or cooler works well for the upcoming season.
  • Contract documents. After each maintenance, you will be provided with a document telling your heating and cooling system have been cleaned. This keeps your equipment warranties valid. It will be a proof of service in case you decide to sell your home. 
  • Priority service.  Depending on your maintenance plan, you may get special treatment in case of an HVAC emergency.
  • Increase in equipment lifespan. To keep your furnace, heat pumps, or air conditioner work harder you need to put in some extra effort. Without proper maintenance, they will not survive long. A good maintenance plan makes sure that HVAC life extends by 50%.
  • Spike in performance. Skipping of HVAC maintenance adversely affects HVAC performance. With an optimal performance, it operates efficiently, low energy consumption, and thus lowers the bill.
  • Problem fixing before it becomes serious. Your service contract does not allow you to skip annual HVAC maintenance. Skilled HVAC technicians are able to identify problems and propose solutions before they become serious.


It is seen that most people are not having an HVAC maintenance plan. Probably you are not aware of it or have a lack of information. That’s why we are discussing it today!

Choosing a regular maintenance plan gives you a stronger and more efficient system. Just understand that with a little investment you could save money, breathe healthier air, comfort at home, and boost environment productivity. 

Have you decided about getting an annual HVAC maintenance contract?

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