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Questions You Should Ask While Getting an Air Conditioning Estimate?

August 2017

By Admin

Purchasing a new air conditioner is a significant investment. Besides, it is a purchase you have to depend on for a long time to keep your family much comfortable. That is the reason why you should not begin the process uninformed. So, make sure to ask questions when getting an air conditioning estimate.

  • Question #1: How Big Should Air Conditioners Be?Once you start talking with the experienced air conditioning experts, one of the things that you will notice is that you will have to start from the scratch. Rather than replacing your old unit with a new one with same capacity, people do what is renowned as a Manual Jload calculation. The industry standard calculation of HVAC takes into account a list of characteristics and measurements including your home’s layout and size, the amount of the shade around your home, the orientation of your home, locations and number of windows, and so on.
  • Question #2: Is the New System Really Efficient?If you are using your current AC unit for long, you have probably noticed that this has lost efficiency over time. Maintenance and upkeep can control efficiency-related losses to minimum, yet after decades, majority of the old systems cannot keep up any longer. Once you start shopping around for a new AC unit, ensure that you look for one with a label “Energy Star”. Such systems exceed and meet the minimum energy requirements established by EPA. Every Energy Star system has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio that reflects how effectively they get rid of heat from air-conditioned space.
  • Question #3: What Technology Do You Need?Aside from greater efficiency, a lot of new air conditioners take pride of the technology that keeps your home much comfortable and helps you save money. Search for the features including variable speed motors that usually operate 24/7 at low speed and kick into high gears when required. Some systems are engineered for quiet operation or made to integrate seamlessly with the thermostats, furnaces, and some HVAC equipment.
  • Question #4: What Should You Know about HVAC Installation?If you are planning to buy an air conditioner in replacing a broken or malfunctioning unit, you want the new system in place at the soonest time possible. It’s particularly true if it is the peak of temperatures and summer is soaring. In most cases, installing air conditioners is not a quick process. With plumbing, electrical, and ductwork parts to coordinate, not to mention the extensive testing and calibration, the process of installation may take more than a day immediately.
  • Question #5: Who Will Do the Job for You?Installing air conditioners is not a DIY project. Rather this is a job for a certified and licensed professional. All technicians that offer HVAC installation services are professional and skilled in their field. There are other questions you should keep in mind when getting an air conditioning estimate. Just make sure that you hire the most reliable professional.
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