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Ensure High Air Quality By Regular HVAC Maintenance In Upper Marlboro

March 2014

By Admin

Rapid increase in pollution has introduced a new health threat of airborne diseases. Polluted air facilitates growth of airborne contaminants resulting into significantly adverse effect on health of you and your family. Especially for people in Upper Marlboro with respiratory problems such as asthma, these airborne particles can be more of severity, sometimes even life-threatening. Therefore, it becomes quite important to take effective steps to ensure that your HVAC system is working with its full efficiency filtering airborne particles, dust and allergens that tends to pass through system.

So what are the preventions that can make you sure that your HVAC system works efficiently filtering everything out that can affect your health in Upper Marlboro? Here they are:
  • A very easy and important practice is to get spoiled filter of your HVAC system replaced with new ones from time to time. Replacing HVAC filters on regular basis will ensure you that your family breaths a clean, dirt and dust free air in Upper Marlboro.

  • As recommended by experts in Upper Marlboro, you should replace your old filter every month (some filters may have lifespan of more than 90 days, ask the manufacturer for this details).

  • Even though it is quite easy to change your HVAC filter, some people in Upper Marlboro just ignore this important practice and let the clogged, dusted filter work as it is without changing it. This may not show its effect directly but contaminated air may be gradually putting your family's health in danger of airborne diseases.

  • Clogged filter also makes it hard to work smoothly for your HVAC system resulting into low heating and cooling capacity of your HVAC device and increased electricity bills. If you have fluffy pets or carpets inside your home in Upper Marlboro then you will have to change your HVAC filters more frequently otherwise the fluff and hairs will often clog the filter and make it non-efficient.

  • For difficult times of the year such as season of spring and summer, it is advised to install HEPA- High Efficiency Particulate Absorption filters. Such filters are specifically designed to trap even smallest particles of impurity, allergens and dust preventing them from reaching any corner of your home. Installing HEPA filters ensures that members of your family who are allergic to dust and particles are safe from it in Upper Marlboro.

  • Proper ventilation is key to improved air quality. Especially when you are living in older cottages, air pollutants are most likely to be prevalent as the old fashioned building material begins to break down with passage of time turning into powder-like particles. So installing fans could keep you from contamination in Upper Marlboro.

  • Whenever you renovate your home in Upper Marlboro, remove any form of Asbestos and Lead-based paint. Also renovate old parts of gas and furnace equipment that might be leaking minute traces of gas into your home air.

  • Another thing to mind is, no matter how sophisticated your HVAC system is, don't expect it to keep every corner of your room space clean. Even if your HVAC system is fine-tuned, some form of dust and impurities will be clogged in some areas of your room. So at least monthly, check out your room and clean your room space manually with vacuum cleaner in Upper .

  • Hand-clean your room windows and ventilation grills with sanitized fiber cloth at least per week.

  • Apart from replacing your HVAC filter, also have habit of cleaning your air ducts regularly. If you have no idea of how to do it, leave it upon your HVAC contractors in Upper Marlboro and let them handle your HVAC equipment on your behalf. Though it might cost you bit more than maintaining it yourself, it is quite cheaper for good health of your family.

  • Get your HVAC systems inspected by professional HVAC experts in Upper Marlboro time to time and ensure that your air conditioning and heating equipment is serviced. Modern HVAC systems are energy efficient and manufactured to provide clean, dirt-free air for everyone who lives in your home but only if they are taken regular care of.

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