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Should You Keep Your AC On All the Time

Should You Keep Your AC On All the Time?

August 2020

By Admin

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to the use of an AC unit. This is because people are always looking for ways to reduce the energy costs that come with an AC installation. One of the major controversies surrounding this is the issue of when to switch off the AC and when to leave it on. This then begs the question: Is it cheaper to keep your AC running throughout or is turning it off when you are not around the more efficient option? Here, we get to learn the truth about these two theories and find out the best way to go about efficiently using your AC.

Keeping Your Ac On All the Time

Some people may argue that leaving your AC unit running throughout is the best and most effective option. The reasoning behind this being that you will not have to strain the system and cause it to work harder and use up more energy when you turn it back on. As true as this may be, keeping the AC running at its peak throughout will still not help you to reduce your energy bills.

Actually, this may lead to an increase in your energy costs. This is because as it runs this way the entire day, it will have to constantly use up energy and in turn, cause your energy bills to go higher. Consequently, your AC unit will wear out more quickly due to the constant strain put on it leaving you to deal with frequent AC repairs.

Leaving Your AC off when You Get Out of the House

On the other hand, some homeowners will think to turn their AC unit off when they leave the house as a way of saving on running costs. This may seem to make sense, but it is still not the most efficient option. Turning it off completely as you leave will cause the temperatures in your home to spike up in the course of the day. This will demand a lot from the system when it comes to bringing the temperatures back down when you return and a lot of energy will end up being used for this. Even though overworking your system once a day will cost you less than running it the entire day, there is still a better way to go about it.

How to Use your AC Unit Effectively

As the above options do not prove to be that efficient, you need to find a way to optimize the efficiency of your system and in turn, reduce the amount of money that you spend every month on energy costs. For the best energy savings, set your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature before leaving the house. This will lead to less energy usage by the AC to maintain the house at the set temperature than it would have when left running at a lower temperature the whole day. Also, unlike turning the AC entirely off, it will not have to strain so much as you are turning it down to your desired temperature when you get back home.

Other Benefits of Turning Up the AC When Out of the House

Prevent Mold and Bugs

Your AC unit not only regulates the temperatures in your home, but it also helps to maintain favorable humidity levels. Hence, when you turn off the AC, the humidity levels in your home will go up considerably. A dump atmosphere will provide an ideal environment for mold growth and infestation by bugs. Therefore, turning up your thermostat instead of leaving your AC off is the best option.


After a long day, you want to come back home to a favorable and relaxing indoor environment. This will not be the case if you keep your AC off the entire day as it will cause your home to become hot and humid. This will not be a conducive environment. Instead, you may turn up the thermostat as you leave to maintain tolerable humidity and temperature levels allowing you to stay comfortable when you return.

Use of a Programmable Thermostat

Remembering to turn up the thermostat before leaving the house every day can be difficult. This is why you should invest in a programmable thermostat. This way, you will be able to program it to automatically adjust the temperature as required throughout the day.

Turning up your thermostat as you leave the house is the most efficient option rather than leaving it on at the same temperature or turning it off. Wrong AC practices will end up costing you. You should, therefore, equip yourself with the right information to help you get the most out of your AC unit.

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