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Smart Ways To Cut HVAC Maintenance Cost

Smart Ways To Cut HVAC Maintenance Cost

June 2020

By Admin

HVAC Systems are highly essential when it comes to keeping our homes comfortable with the right temperatures. It, however, comes at a cost. It is usually responsible for a large percentage of our energy bills. Also, for optimal performance, regular HVAC maintenance has to be done, making maintenance costs inevitable. This, combined with the energy costs, makes it quite an expensive affair. This is why you deliberately need to ensure that your HVAC works less and, in turn, cut down on maintenance costs. The following are some of the ways in which you can smartly reduce HVAC maintenance costs, and even the energy bills while at it.

Use of Smart Technology

It is important that you give your HVAC the right balance to ensure that it works only when necessary and as per the required amounts. Monitoring this manually can be difficult as it requires you to keep on adjusting to find the right temperatures. It is also easy to forget to see to it that your HVAC is turned off when not needed.

This is where a smart thermostat comes into play. It usually works with pre-programmed comfort levels which it refers to when automatically setting and regulating the temperature in the house to find the right climate. It also does this by factoring in personal habits, the weather, and the actual temperature.

All these features work to ensure that no heating or cooling is done unnecessarily. Having a smart thermostat included in your HVAC installation will mean that temperature regulation is done as per your needs, preventing the HVAC from being over-exacted. You may also set it to turn off when you are away, maybe for work or on vacation, and turn back on just when you are about to arrive.

Seal Any Leaks

Be on the lookout for any openings or cracks on your windows and doors at home. Any gaps caused by this will provide an entryway for the outdoor air. This means that if the weather is extremely hot and the HVAC is working to cool the indoors, hot air will still be gaining entry and countering the efforts of the HVAC. This will demand it to work harder to regulate the home’s temperature and wear out more. You should, therefore, see to it that these leaks are sealed off as soon as is possible. The little money spent on this will translate to saving on HVAC maintenance costs later.

Duct Cleaning

Mold, dust, and other types of dirt are the things that can dirty your ducts with time. This usually impedes the proper flow of air making regular inspections of the ducts absolutely necessary. Constant HVAC duct cleaning will help prevent this from developing into serious clogging issues that will require HVAC repairs and increased HVAC maintenance.

These particles may also end up being released into your home’s surroundings. Therefore, duct dirt does not only impede the proper working of the HVAC system but also pose a risk to your family’s health.

Replace Old Systems

An aged HVAC system that has outlived the suggested lifespan may be the reason behind high HVAC maintenance costs and HVAC repair costs. This is because as they age, the parts wear out needing constant repairs and they become less energy efficient taking up more energy.

The modern technology used in newer models of HVAC systems is usually meant to give them a more efficient energy usage. Hence, upgrading your system will mean ending up with a more reliable HVAC that is less prone to break downs and at the same time being more energy-efficient.

Supplement with other sources of heat or cold

An HVAC system could be your primary source of heat or cold but it doesn’t mean that you cannot have other devices to supplement or act as an alternative. Over depending on it means overworking it which will lead to high energy and HVAC maintenance costs.

Instead of cranking up the heat via the HVAC, you can use a portable indoor heater to add on to the moderate heat being given out by the HVAC. Similarly, on a moderately hot day, you could use a portable or ceiling fan for cooling, freeing up the HVAC system.


Regular HVAC maintenance is paramount to have your HVAC system in good condition and working optimally to reduce energy costs. It will also enable the technician to take note of arising issues before they become too complex and expensive to rectify. Follow the above tips for less costly maintenance sessions.

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