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6-Step Furnace Maintenance Checklist For People Of Upper Marlboro

April 2014

By Admin

Often in winter time, in Upper Marlboro, it gets tougher to survive the cold when your furnace stops working properly, especially when you have a big family and no contact of an HVAC contractor around Upper Marlboro. Alas. Nobody want to fall in such situation when you need to suffer the heat in Upper Marlboro due to poor performing furnace. So are you taking regular care of your furnace? Are you ensuring that your furnace is properly looked after to work well for longer time, with no downs in performance? If no, it's time to change your habits. Regular care of your furnace can save you from big furnace repair payments in Upper Marlboro. Here are few self-care tips you can apply on your furnace to ensure the optimal furnace performance for fairly long time:
    • Change filters regularly:If you need a single sentence and easiest maintenance tip to keep your furnace in Upper Marlboro working well for longer time, the single sentence we will give you is “Change filter of your heating furnace every month”. However this is quite an easy thing to do, most people ignore it & fall into trouble of spending even more for expert furnace service.
    • Just use simple calculation and you will find that the cost of 12 different filters is quite less than the cost of single home based expert furnace service!
    • Clean blower blades regularly:The blower in your heating system is also a significant check for healthy heating system. Before the winter, make sure your blower blades are neat & clean, and during the season of cold, keep cleaning it at regular intervals. Also keep oiling your blower motor at regular intervals if it occupies the oil cups. This will keep your furnace performance up in Upper Marlboro.
    • Clean coils regularly:To work properly, condenser coils of your furnace will need regular cleaning in Upper Marlboro. Grease, dirt, dust etc will clog upon the condenser oil gradually if you don't clear it regularly, resulting in poor furnace performance. This is because a clogged coil will tend to ice up and shut down your heating system.
    • Clean debris regularly:Clean dust & debris regularly from grates of furnace and your room objects. Especially fluffy objects in your room including pets like dogs will cause the fluff to clog on vents and reduce its performance. Cleaning the room and furnace vents regularly will keep your room space and air clean & healthy in Upper Marlboro.
    • Unblock vents regularly:Often the blocking objects are unintentionally put infront of the air vents in furnace. Such objects like boxes, drapes etc prevent efficient circulation of air inside the home causing the down performance of furnace in Upper Marlboro. Eventually, due to stress of generating more and more heat, your furnace will face the workload and shutdown unwantedly.
Also cold pockets can affect your thermostat making it unable to sense the heat temperature in your room. Due to this, your thermostat will never shut down as it is unable to figure out even if your space needs no more heating. Apart from over heating, it will also add more weight to your monthly bills!
    • Clean the heat exchanger surface regularly:Heat exchanger surface is the part of furnace where the exchange between hot and cold air takes place. As per an expert's advice, you should clean and brush this surface at least once a year to ensure optimal efficiency of your furnace system.
Following this 6-step Furnace maintenance checklist at regular intervals will keep you safe from furnace problems for longer time. However, no matter whatever you do, you must get your furnace checked annually by Furnace repair experts in Maryland. It will keep you from huge unwanted expenses of furnace replacement due to inefficiency of your heating system.
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