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When Is the Right Time To Replace AC

When Is the Right Time To Replace AC?

June 2020

By Admin

Are you finding it difficult to decide when to replace your AC and get a new one? It is avoidable to get your AC replaced from time to time. When is the right time to get the AC replaced? During summer, everyone is worried about their Air conditioning system, as it would be devastating to see your AC breakdown suddenly.

If you are trying to replace the AC system in the season, then it would result in higher replacement costs, lower turnaround, and higher inconvenience. So the best time to get your AC replaced is during offseason. Not only this, but you must also try to look for warning signs that your AC is trying to convey. It is imperative to replace the AC system for the peace of your mind and help your family to stay safe and healthy.

Considering The Age Of AC System: It is a fact that the efficiency of the AC system reduces with time. The older AC system works less efficiently than the new AC system. You can expect a well maintained AC system to last approximately 10 to 15 years. However, when you feel that your AC is old enough and requires frequent expensive repair work, then it is better to get it replaced before it completely breaks down. You must consider the average lifespan of the cooling devices and its efficiency while replacing it with the new one.

Inefficient Cooling Effect: it is obvious that when you are not getting enough cooling from your AC system, then probably there is something wrong with it. The factors responsible for low cooling effect can by many and to name a few, it could be a low Freon level or broken compressor. You must consult a professional HVAC repair service provider to examine the AC system. If the damage to the AC is beyond repair, then you must get it replaced as soon as possible. A homeowner must understand that if the repair is extensive, you may look at a replacement instead.

Presence Of Moisture Or Leakage In The AC Unit: Normal condensation around the air conditioner is a normal phenomenon, but when there is excessive condensation then it may represent a much more serious problem. This problem needs to be addressed immediately. If you are avoiding the large pool of water from the condensation unit, it may lead to the breakdown of the entire AC system. Generally, a leaking coolant poses a health risk to you and your family. If the issue is not fixed then the excessive water leakage can damage floors or furniture and may even lead to mold growth. You must call in expert HVAC contractors ASAP!

When Is the Right Time To Replace AC?  

Frequent Breakdown and Repairs: Do you feel that your AC system is constantly breaking down and requires frequent repairing? Well, then it is an indication that you need to get it replaced with a new one. If you are not replacing it, then sooner the expense for repairing will be more than buying a new one. Moreover, the repairs that are not covered under the warranty period could burn your pocket. By getting the AC system replaced, you can save yourself from the headache of frequently repairing and investing the money to get a new AC.

Hearing Unusual Sound In The AC System: Are you hearing some unusual sound from your AC system such as squealing, rattling or banging? If you hear such noises, then immediately turn off the AC and get the experts to check the health of your AC system. These disturbing noises often reflect a serious issue such as a belt slipping out of place or broken motor bearings in your AC system. This could lead to an expensive repair or need for a replacement if not addressed immediately.

When Should You Get Your AC Replaced?

Generally, the air conditioning and heating contractors are busy during the summer and winter months, working to get hundreds of ACs repaired, maintained, and installed. If you wish to enjoy a quick AC system replacement or repairing service, you need to get the AC system replaced during offseason. If you are replacing the AC system during the peak season, then you might need to wait at least a few weeks until the contractor of your choice sends a team your way.


As a homeowner, whether or not to get your AC replaced is one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make. Also, you might face difficulty while deciding when is the right time to get a new air conditioner unit. Well, getting a new air conditioner might be a huge investment, but it can save you from continuing expensive repair costs while operating an old, inefficient unit. So these points will help you in analyzing when is the right time to replace your air conditioner and help you in quick decision making.

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