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Preparing HVAC equipment for summer

How to Prepare Your Home’s HVAC Equipment for Summer?

March 2023

By Admin

During the summer, when the weather becomes scorching, you can suffer discomfort or feel miserable if your air conditioner is not working as efficiently as it should. Therefore if you want to enjoy your HVAC equipment all year long, no matter the season, you only need to carry out simple maintenance steps.

No homeowner ignores furnace problems when they are expecting an impending dangerous cold. The same goes for your air conditioner unit when you are about to face heat on another level. The following are air conditioning repair and maintenance tips you should carry out to help you enjoy convenience in your office or home when the weather outside is too hot.

How Do You Prepare Your AC Unit For Summer?

Homeowners must prepare ahead of each season, especially if they are about to cross into that season. Here are Air condition maintenance tips you should always take advantage of when preparing for summer.

1. Inspect and Clean Your Filters or Replace Them

inspecting filters

You can make this air condition maintenance task a DIY work as it is simple. Checking your filters should be a more consistent practice than something you occasionally do. When you use the air conditioner continually, it can filter rapidly and become clogged, dusty, and dirty. This usually prevents the right amount of airflow into the air conditioning unit and reduces the unit's cooling efficiency.

The best season to check an HVAC system's filter is during the spring, as it is after this season that summer begins to peep in. You cannot wait for summer to catch you unprepared. However, depending on your HVAC unit, you might consider changing your filter every month, once a year, or once every half of the year. Inspecting your filter helps you know if you need to clean or replace the filter.

2. Inspect Your Vents for Visible Dirt

One of the most common problems that can affect the efficiency of an air conditioning unit is dirty or clogged vents. You should hire an experienced HVAC repair specialist to help you complete this process, as they ensure complete air duct cleaning service. But you can also check the vent to improve its efficiency by physically inspecting your business or residential building.

Your inspection is easy as you only need to look for visible pet hair, dirt, dust, and other types of debris that can clog the vent. Also, ensure to keep the vent open. Most people use their HVAC system without realizing that vents are entirely or partially closed. If they are closed, open them up for sufficient air to flow in and boost your indoor convenience.

3. Schedule Annual Professional AC Maintenance and Repair

Professional AC Maintenance and Repair

If you are someone that ensures yearly HVAC tune-up, you will hardly have issues with your HVAC system. Your air conditioning unit will work efficiently throughout the year without causing you any worries because, during the tune-up, your HVAC specialist examines and repairs each component to ensure they are working efficiently.

As long as you hire a professional HVAC technician, they can help you identify minor problems that can become serious issues later if left unattended. While they take care of these minor air condition problems, they also provide tips on maintaining your HVAC unit to avoid significant problems, offer you Ac repair services at discounted rates, and provide you with priority scheduling.

4. Clear Out Your Outdoor Areas

Most people who do not have a central AC unit usually depend on another kind of air conditioning system, such as a zoned air conditioning system or a ductless mini-split. Whatever type of AC unit you use, It is relevant to ensure that the external areas close to the air conditioning unit are kept clean and clear of dirt and other debris.

Things you must clear out include overgrown shrubbery, branches, and anything close to your air condition unit. Having a clear space is suitable for your HVAC functionality as the unit must maintain some distance around the outside area of the air conditioning unit. When they are kept apart, it reduces the debris that usually gets inside and causes damaging problems.

5. Improve Your AC Cooling Efficiency

It can improve damage when you consistently use your air conditioning unit without giving it a break. You will not only cause your air conditioner to break down quickly but spend more money on repairing damaged components. Instead of running your HVAC unit 24 hours around the clock, you can take measures to improve your cooling efficiency during summer.

Invest in alternatives like premium-made window blinds and sun-blocking shade covers, and ensure you close them when the outdoor heat or brightness is too intense. Also, use fans to enjoy comfort by reducing the temperature of your AC unit. Both ceiling fans and standing fans are great options for improving airflow, but ceiling fans send direct and comfortable cool air and spread the air throughout your indoor space.

6. Consider Getting a New AC Model

If you have managed an old version air conditioning unit for so many years, it will likely perform less efficiently over time. When you can no longer use a less-fantastic HVAC unit, upgrading to the latest version would be best to enjoy more comfort and spend less on repair and maintenance.

While you might think replacing your entire HVAC system will cost you so much, it is never a big deal, as consistent repairs are even more expensive. A new air condition unit will include advanced features that boost comfort and save you from stress, expenditures, and time and reduce your heating and cooling bills.


Preparing for summer is the same as preparing for winter, as these seasons are commonly hot or cold. Hiring an HVAC repair specialist to carry out annual maintenance and repairs, conduct DIY inspections, and replace air conditioning units that cause problems is best.

The new AC models are now more powerful than older ones, making it good news for monthly heating and cooling bills, consistent breakdowns, and surprising problems.

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